In 2020, Softball Québec is celebrating it’s 50 years of existence and to underlign this milestone the Quebec Rebelles teams are happy to invite you to participe to the Quebec Rebelles Invitational tournament with no registration fee!! Exactly, no registration fees for the 2020 tournament!!

November 1st 2019 is a date that you need to put in your calendar in order to register to our tournament

Here are the dates:

  • 14U Tournament = June 26 - 28 2020
  • 16U Tournament = July 3 - 5 2020

Keep in mind the following:

  • that we only accept a maximum of 16 teams per category.
  • Also, in order to get a good mix of teams we will accept the first 8 Canadians teams and the first 8 Americans teams as we are the only Border Battle is Women’s fastpich
  • If one or the other division gets filled first, then the others teams will be on the waiting list until a team cancels or that we don’t fulfill the other Canadian or American division.
  • Although this year the registration is free you will still have to pay it to reserve your spot and we will reimburse you when you will show up at the tournament. The fee is $600 cdn or $550 usd
  •  Your spot will only reserved upon reception of your payment. If a cheque is sent by mail your place will be reserved upon reception of the said cheque
  • This is a D1 or AAA division tournament
  • 6 games guaranteed with the full 7 innings (weather permitting)
  •  For registration, visit our website:


Also, seize the new opportunity for 2020: The top team for each category (14U & 16U) will get a free entry to the 2021 Quebec Rebelles Invitational tournament!!

Registration starts on November 1st 2020. So be ready to register early if you don’t want to loos your chance to participate to this tournament.


P.S. For the teams that participated in this year's tournament, you will have a chance to register 1 week prior.


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